Redford Cemetery Association


DATE: 15 MARCH 2008

TIME:  9:00am-5:00pm

LOCATION: Redford Cemetery


Somewhat unusual as far as Redford Cemetery events usually go, this event was set up as a fun/work event for some of the chainsaw enthusiasts from  The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about Redford Cemetery, and also to get some stuff cut up!  As we had a couple large trees cut down this past winter and still need to get them cut up and removed, we figured that we might as well combine fun with work!

We had the good fortune to have nice weather and a good turnout.  A great deal was accomplished, with much of the resulting wood offered up on both Craigslist and Freecycle.


Work started along the south fence, where a large, damaged maple had earlier been cut down.  Volunteers started by cutting up the limbs to firewood length, and then set to work cutting up the massive trunk section!


A thick layer of wood chips and sawdust began to cover the ground, obscuring both grass and the remaining patches of snow!


Brush was separated from larger logs suitable for firewood.  The brush was stacked and will be chipped during an upcoming workday.


The large piece of trunk soon began to yield to the saw, as it was broken down into pieces that could be handled by people and without resort to heavy equipment.  Even when cut 8" thick, each "cookie" was heavy enough to require at least two sets of hands to tip it upright and roll it along its edge.


The next stop was the remains of the hollow maple along the south driveway.  This is the tree that had been used as a storage closet by a local homeless man who fancied himself a "resident" of the cemetery in past years.


After completing our work cutting up hollow maple and in felling and cutting up a medium-sized cherry, we stopped for lunch before moving on to our final task of the day: the willow adjacent to the parking area.  This tree had been dropping major limbs a few times per year over the past couple years, and had visible decay and shelf fungi at ground level and higher up in the tree.  Since we have been replanting the area near the willow with new, desirable trees, we figured it was a good time to remove the willow before it damaged any of our newly planted trees.  So in short order the tree was cut down, cut up, and the brush and firewood was separated for chipping and to be donated for use as a home heating fuel, respectively.



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